Berri Tiga – BLESSED

Berri Tiga – BLESSED

Berri Tiga – BLESSED Mp3 Download

Berri Tiga‘s “Blessed” is a soul-stirring track that encapsulates the artist’s gratitude and appreciation for life’s blessings. With its melodious blend of Afrobeat and poignant lyrics, the song becomes a heartfelt expression of Berri Tiga‘s journey, acknowledging the positive moments and divine favor that have shaped his life. “Blessed” transcends conventional genre boundaries, offering a musical experience that resonates with listeners on a spiritual and emotional level.

BLESSED EP Track list By Berri Tiga Below.

  1. Berri Tiga – Small Boy
  2. Berri Tiga – This Year
  3. Berri Tiga – Looking
  4. Berri Tiga – German Machine (Ft. JeriQ)
  5. Berri Tiga – Bamiloke
  6. Berri Tiga – Active (Ft. Boy Muller)
  7. Berri Tiga – Bye Bye