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JeriQ – Breaking News Ft. PsychoYP & Phyno

JeriQ PsychoYP – Evil Twin EP

JeriQ – Breaking News Ft. PsychoYP & Phyno

JeriQ – Breaking News Ft. PsychoYP & Phyno Mp3 Download

JeriQ‘s latest release, “Breaking News,” featuring the dynamic collaboration of PsychoYP and Phyno, is a powerful anthem that blends gritty verses with an electrifying beat. The track opens with JeriQ‘s commanding delivery, setting the tone for a lyrical onslaught that is both bold and unapologetic. PsychoYP‘s verse adds a contemporary flair, and Phyno‘s presence elevates the track with his signature Igbo-infused rap style. “Breaking News” is not just a song; it’s a sonic proclamation, demanding attention and cementing its place as a significant entry in the rap genre.

The chemistry between JeriQ, PsychoYP, and Phyno is palpable, creating a synergy that propels “Breaking News” to new heights. The production, marked by its assertive beats and clever sampling, complements the lyrical prowess of the artists. The track is a declaration of self-confidence, resilience, and a celebration of success, making it a compelling addition to the repertoire of Nigerian rap.

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