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Yemi Alade – EFCC Ft. Ajebo Hustlers

Yemi Alade – MamaPiano EP

Yemi Alade – EFCC Ft. Ajebo Hustlers

Yemi Alade – EFCC Ft. Ajebo Hustlers Mp3 Download

Yemi Alade‘s collaboration with Ajebo Hustlers in “EFCC” is a dynamic and socially conscious Afrobeat track that not only delivers an infectious rhythm but also addresses societal issues. The song is a rhythmic journey marked by Yemi Alade‘s commanding vocals and the vibrant contributions of Ajebo Hustlers. “EFCC” is not just a song; it’s a bold expression of the artists’ commitment to using their platform to shed light on social and economic challenges.

In “EFCC,” Yemi Alade‘s Afrobeat prowess combines seamlessly with the unique style of Ajebo Hustlers, creating a track that invites listeners to engage with its catchy beats while contemplating the deeper messages embedded in the lyrics. The collaboration highlights the artists’ shared vision of using music as a tool for cultural commentary and advocacy. As the beats and verses intertwine, “EFCC” stands as a testament to Yemi Alade and Ajebo Hustlers’ dedication to addressing relevant issues through their art.

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